Prosperity God

We have a prosperity God.  A God who wants you to prosper.

For some of us, this is hard to hear.  It’s a reality that is hard to accept.

Maybe it’s hard to hear because your life doesn’t seem too “prosperous”, and so you wonder if God is there or if you are good enough to receive His blessings.  Maybe it’s hard to hear because you’ve been warned (and rightly so) against the very American “Prosperity Gospel”.  Or maybe it’s just because we’ve been so focused on Christian values of sacrifice, humility, putting yourself last instead of first, and of service, that a life of fullness, promise, and blessing seems out of place.  Or maybe even dirty.

But, God does have blessings for you.  He has made the most beautiful promises to you.  He does have a life of fulfillment and fruitfulness to give.  And it’s free.

The fullness of life God has for you cannot be manipulated.  It cannot be earned.  It doesn’t come to you based on the strength or fervency of your faith.  No, it comes from Jesus.

In Jesus, you are prosperous.  In Jesus you have an abundant life.  In Jesus you have the joy of forgiveness.  You have the strength of the Spirit.  You have an other-worldly peace.  You have righteousness and grace and forgiveness.  In Jesus you have an identity (God’s beloved, beautiful, child!).

So, don’t feel guilty about living a prosperous life!  Rejoice in the over-abundant goodness of God.  Say thank you for your prosperity in Christ!

But, never forget what that prosperity looks like.  Never lose sight of where it comes from.  God isn’t too interested in filling you up with stuff:  cars, homes, money, toys, etc.  No, He fills you up with greater gifts.  Eternal gifts.

In Jesus you are prosperous!



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