Our Problem(s) with sin

We have a problem with sin.  More than one, actually  Maybe that’s obvious.  But, it’s real.  And it goes far deeper than we would like to admit.

The biggest problem isn’t that we keep on sinning (although that is a problem).  The root issue isn’t that we just can’t seem to stop – or in some cases start.

No, the first problem is that we just don’t see how big the problem is.  We don’t recognize how much it hearts.  Our hearts don’t break over sin like God’s does.  Too often we just see sin at it’s surface, without realizing how deep the well goes.

Jesus talked about this.  Most people recognize that murder is a sin.  But, Jesus realized that the problem goes much deeper.  Jesus saw that murder is a sin – a terrible, awful, heartbreaking sin – but so is anger.  So is hatred.  Evil actions like murder are bad, but so are evil thoughts.  Jesus recognized how deep our sins runs.  He saw that there is so much below the surface that we would rather forget about.  And so we do.  We brush it off, hide it, and push it aside.  But, God doesn’t.  God sees how big the problem is even if we don’t.

The second problem we have with sin is that we give it too much power.  All too often we let sin define us, shape us, and give us our identity.  We give sin the power to depress us, beat us up, and leave us broken.  Oh sure, we know we are forgiven (at least we think we know that), but we live and speak and think as if sin still controlled us.  As if it gets to write the end of our story.

The truth is that we have been set free from sin.  It no longer controls us or writes the end of our story.  It does not get to condemn us or define us.  It is literally powerless over us.  The cross says so.  Because that’s where Jesus rendered it powerless once and for all.

That, is the root of our sin problem:  simultaneously not taking it seriously enough and at the same time giving it too much power.  Not recognizing how bad we really are and meanwhile letting it control and cripple us.


Thank God that He recognizes the root of our problem and that He, if no one else, knew how broken we are.  That’s why God sent His Son Jesus to die in our place.  Because a problem as big as our sin required a sacrifice as big as God Himself.  And it’s that once and for all sacrifice that has made our sin powerless.



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