Seeing the Seed Through the Dirt

These two truths are as true as true can be:  1.  God is King  2.  We are all living in His kingdom.  

What do you think about that?  Kind of hard to believe?  Certainly hard to see.  

That’s because, most of the time, God’s kingdom feels buried under a whole lot of dirt and mess.  There’s the dirt of cancer.  The dirt of job-loss.  The dirt of mounting bills.  There’s the dirt of family drama and friends who won’t talk to us.  There’s the dirt of death that buries the people we love.  

And with all the dirt of life, it can be hard to see God’s Kingdom and to believe that He is King.  

Jesus admits as much in Mark 4:26-34.  In those verses Jesus compares His Kingdom to a tiny little mustard seed that’s been planted in the dirt.  When that seed is sown it can’t be seen.  The dirt can, but the seed is hidden.  

And it’s the same with God’s Kingdom.  Our God and His work usually is hard to find underneath all the messes and dirt of life.  But, the Kingdom is here.  The King is here, and He is reigning and ruling.  

Amidst the cancer and the job-loss, the family drama and the bills, God’s Kingdom is there.  It’s there in a little piece of bread and a small cup of wine.  It’s there in a bowl full of water.  It’s right there in the promises He’s made, in the Good News we share around the table or at a bedside.  It’s there as His people pray for the sick, comfort the dying, and encourage the hurting.  

You see, God’s kingdom can’t always be seen.  At least not if we are looking for something big and bold and brash.  No, quite often God’s kingdom is covered in a whole lot of dirt.  Like when the King Himself came down from His throne into a dirty manger bed of hay.  Or, when the King laid down His life on a bloody cross.  

God’s Kingdom doesn’t look like we would expect it to, and Jesus doesn’t deny it.  But, He does have a glorious promise for us:  one day that little seed of a Kingdom will blossom and bloom and grow.  One day there will be no more messes.  No more dirt.  No more cancer or pain or sin.  One day all we’ll see is the Kingdom and none of the mess.

But, until then, we patiently trust that the Kingdom is here and that the King is still in charge.  Because He is.

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