Daily Devotion Journal

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 Let me describe for you a typical devotion time for me.  I will wake up early, excited to get into God’s Word.  I’ll make my coffee, sit down in my comfy spot on the couch, and then open up my Bible.  Sometimes I make it a verse or two before the distractions come.  Other times it happens before I absorb even a single word.  But, sooner rather than later I’ll start to go through my to-do list.  Or, I’ll start wondering what’s on my calendar for the day.  Sometimes I’m distracted by the Word itself – I’ll come across a word I don’t understand or a question I have and my mind will wander off.  If I make it to my prayers before I look at my watch and realize it’s getting late, it’s usually not much better.


This journal is meant to help you stay focused through your devotion time.  It was designed to guide you through your time in God’s Word and in your prayers.  To be sure, God hears our simplest prayers.  He graciously listens to our wandering prayers and disjointed words.  But, most of us would be blessed to have more focused and intentional time with our Lord.

The first pages leave space for your “master” prayer list.  As you hear about needs and concerns, write them here.  The different categories are designed to open your eyes to the needs and blessings around you.


The rest of the journal is just blank space for you to reflect on the word and organize your daily prayers.  Each day has two pages – one for your scriptural reflections and one to write down your prayers.  There is no “right” way to fill these pages out.  Some days you might have too many questions to fit in the small space given.  The next day you might have no questions, but lots of insights.  That’s ok.


May this journal guide you, lead you, and encourage you further into God’s Word and prayer.